Our business is the story that weaves the tapestry of our common Humanity!

We are a leading media company driven to execute, to partner, and to perform. We pride ourselves on doing what’s right over what is easy or simply lucrative. We are devoted to the advancement and well-being of our people, our society, our customers, our industry, and our world.


We are TSEHAI—where knowledge shines and information that matter illuminates and lives.



We do our projects with a passion for delivering results that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Here at TSEHAI, knowledge and understanding are the means towards making the world a better place.

TSEHAI is you and you are us!

Here at TSEHAI, we believe that transforming people’s perception is the first step toward transforming the world. TSEHAI seeks to transform the way the world see itself in others.

TSEHAI is dedicated to publishing stories that would otherwise be untold. We believe that there remains a myriad of vitally important narratives that deserve widespread attention.

TSEHAI seeks to provide the public with informative media in order to better educate the world about those across the street, across the river and across the ocean.

TSEHAI concerns itself with the preservation of pride and culture of humanity. By telling the stories of the past generations, we seeks to reveal the vivid heritage that humanity shares commonly.

TSEHAI is constantly engaging with students and scholars from all different fields of academia. With our intellectuals, TSEHAI hopes to spread its well-researched and factually-guided message throughout the common world and collegiate world alike.

TSEHAI seeks to illuminate the darkness that surrounds the world. To this day, much of the world remains unaware of the reality of those in other continents and their neighbors.

Stories Are Our Currency!

Books and all forms of writing are terror to those who wish to suppress the truth. – Wole Soyinka