We believe that knowledge based information is our business’s most important asset.

The human need and capacity to be informed…to learn…to know…and to build relationships is based largely on the use and exchange of information. Yet the world’s vast and ever-expanding deposits of information have little power and shed little light if they remain isolated, inaccessible, unconnected, or vulnerable to landing in the wrong hands.

As Tsehai, knowledge based information has the power to illuminate our world. But for this to happen, information must be intelligently and efficiently gathered, edited/managed/sorted, and produced—so that it can be made accessible, shareable, and ultimately usable.

At Tsehai, we enable the full realization of the inherent power of knowledge based information by creating complete information environments that are reliable, accessible, and handy. The result is knowledge that reveals its hidden potential, that’s fit and ready to be read and consumed.

With Tsehai, individuals and academic and other institutions can bring the power of information that matters to life…information that illuminates what’s possible and that can move the world forward to a better future.


We Make The Best Books and Films.

Our promise is to propel and help you go as far as possible.

We will deliver on this promise by helping individual writers of all experience go through the publishing process more effectively than ever before.

We will provide solutions that meet your expectations. We will bring your writings to life.